1. Welcome to the 2019 GBI Application!

The 2019 STEM Guitar Summer Institutes are funded through a National Science Foundation Advanced Technological Education project (NSF ATE#1700531 The STEM guitar Project); and previous grants: LEAD with GUITARS in STEM (NSF ATE #1304405, & #0903336). This project is designed to help faculty increase their students' interest and engagement in the study and learning of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) principles, practices, and careers through guitar design and building. The 2019 Summer Institutes are open to all STEM subject area educators, primarily focused in the 9-12 High school grade levels, community college levels and freshman/sophomore university instruction. Participants selected for this summer’s institutes will join the existing cohort of STEM Guitar Institute Fellows, who are made up of educators from around the country teaching their STEM content using the guitar as a focus. The Fellows contribute to the project’s Applied Learning Community, curriculum and assessment, as well as help each other with project implementation. As a participant, you will receive a $300 stipend, a completed guitar, and a support package at the institute. Plus, you have the opportunity to apply to receive one of a limited number of start-up packages to help launch STEM guitar at your school.

We are changing the way the 2019 Institutes are presented. Please note the application steps and REQUIRED pre-Institute activities. The new system will be the flipped classroom concept, whereby participants will view instructional videos and webinars prior to their scheduled Institute and spend more hands-on time and review-only of the materials during the Institute, since this would have been introduced prior to the institutes.

1. Fill out the personal application. You can save this application using the same device and browser if you like to return to it later. Bookmark the page to insure you can return to it to upload the participation agreement. Only one participant application can be submitted per computer /device.

2. Download and complete the 2019 GBI STEM Guitar Participation Agreement . The agreement requires an administrator's signature to be complete. Any image file or scan that clearly shows the document is acceptable. IMPORTANT: You need to upload your 2019 GBI STEM Guitar Participation Agreement at the end of this survey OR email it to STEMguitar2017@gmail.com for your application to be considered complete.

Applications submitted on or before MARCH 31, 2019 will receive priority status for review. Award letters for ALL SUMMER Institutes will be sent starting April 15, 2019, or until the institute fellowship slots are filled.

If your application is awarded, you will get a notice of scheduled REQUIRED pre-Institute learning events. Instructional videos will be released in April 2019 for the summer 2019 events. Please note that, in addition to the REQUIRED pre-Institute learning activities, the Acoustic Guitar Institute has a pre-requisite of CNC experience and/or electric guitar build, however there is no perquisite for the Electric Guitar Building Institutes. As Institute Fellows, you may be asked to develop a Modular Learning Activity (MLA), and complete other post-Institute follow-up activities [e.g. surveys] during implementation. All links to the online surveys will be provided. If needed, Fellows will facilitate distribution and collection of student consent, assent, (and/or waivers), as well as parent consent forms.

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