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PromaxGames 2018 Mentorship Program launches Spring 2018! Please complete application and submit no later than February 16, 2018. Spaces are limited so, be sure to complete your application before the deadline.
All selected participants must attend the mandatory mentor-mentee training session in San Francisco.  

* 1. Name and Contact Information

* 2. Do you wish to participate as a mentor or mentee?

* 4. Full Title

* 5. Please provide your professional bio

* 6. Please indicate other industry experience

* 7. Areas of expertise

* 8. Education background

* 9. Please describe your hobbies, interests, etc.

* 10. Languages spoken

* 11. What is your motivation for applying to the PromaxGames Mentorship Program?

* 12. What skills would you like to develop in the program?

* 13. What do you perceive to be the roles and responsibilities of a mentor?

* 14. What do you perceive to be the roles and responsibilities of a mentee?

* 15. In your experience, what are the key characteristics of a successful leader?

* 16. Looking at your career thus far, what do you identify as the drivers of your success?

* 17. What is the biggest professional challenge you are facing now?

* 18. What do you hope to gain from your mentorship relationship?
Please be specific and list 1 - 3 goals you would like to achieve during your mentor relationship.

* 19. Are there any special requests that should be considered when making this match?

* 21. What hours are most convenient for you to meet with your mentor?

* 23. How did you hear about the PromaxGames Mentorship Program?

* 25. What topics would you like to see covered during the training in April, with your mentor, and/or during learning opportunities during the year?

Please feel free to contact Rachel Wyatt with any questions at We look forward to another year of bringing mentorship to the PromaxGames member community.