A brand new technology-rich magnet school with an internationally-minded focus is opening in August 2022, under the leadership of Catherine "Missy" Lennard.

The school will be located in the Apollo Beach area (5995 Covington Garden Drive, Apollo Beach, FL 33572)

It's time for the board to vote on a name for this innovative new school!

Please fill out this brief survey if you would like to suggest a name to the school board.

Names under consideration must follow school board policy 7250.

Keep in mind, school sites and facilities must be named for individuals who have rendered outstanding public service to public education, for geographical locations, or groups and clubs as indicated:

· Elementary, middle, and secondary schools can be named after U.S. Presidents, school board members, educators, outstanding citizens, and geographical locations.

· An elected official proposed for a school name shall have left public office for a period not less than five years, and no candidate for public office should be considered.

Thank you for taking the time to provide your name recommendation!