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Innovation Festival is a regional convergence of music and innovation featuring a three-day experience the first two spent at a scientific conference, capped off with a third day national, regional, and local music acts. Innovation Festival is taking a novel approach to connecting early career professionals and scientists with industry jobs and academic research programs, including full-time jobs; internships; post-baccalaureate, summer, graduate, and postdoctoral training programs; and more!  Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind scientific conference experience.  
Conference topics: genetic mechanisms, drugs & pharmacology, agricultural technology, engineering advancements, deep tech, economic development, data science, entrepreneurship, nutrition, health, digital health, and health equity.
Innovation Festival’s conference invites applications from undergraduate (with laboratory research experience) and graduate students, postdocs, established professionals, and recruiters. Space is extremely limited. Delegates wishing to apply to be considered for an oral or poster presentation must complete this form in its entirety. 

Types of talks and what's required:  
Note: Application need to be completed in its entirety in one sitting.  
Undergraduate/graduate student and postdoc presentations 
- upload a PDF file that includes abstract text (word limit 350 or less), co-author names and institutions, and title. 
- upload a PDF file of your CV or resume (recommended)  

Established professional/faculty presentations 
- Academic: upload a PDF file that includes abstract text (word limit 350 or less), co-author names and institutions, and title. 
- Industry Professional: upload a description of talk or abstract (word limit 350 or less) and title. 

Recruitment Talks  
- Complete the application and a follow-up will be made to collect company information and identify recruitment needs. 

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* 1. Payment is not required to submit an application. Some opportunities do require a registration fee. If cost is an issue, students and postdocs are encouraged to apply for financial support. Professionals with financial limitations can email to discuss financial support options.

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