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Participants to have discussion around what they have read and learnt in Session 2 and share their elevator pitch to the group

Job Ads and Position descriptions

Key Elements of a Position Description
General information
Position Purpose
Special conditions of employment
Essential functions and responsibilities
Minimum qualifications
Physical requirements
Work environment
Recruiting preferences
Additional recruitment information

Before completing a job application, it is important to read and fully understand the specific job description. While some employers post job descriptions online, others may print hard copies.
Each job description includes the following components: a brief summary of the job duties/responsibilities, preferred qualifications, and information about the company
Summary of job duties: The job duties section entails both the broad spectrum of job responsibilities as well as specific duties related to the job. An applicant can expect the “job” to include any and all of the duties mentioned - generically and more specifically.
Typical responsibilities included often relate to universal job phrases such as organizing, administrative duties, or providing excellent customer service. Other, more specific responsibilities might also be included. Obviously, some job descriptions are more specific than others. For example, for a supervisor role, a specific responsibility may be complete all interviewing and hiring practices for new employees.
About the company: Most job descriptions will include a portion containing information about the company. This section will explain a variety of information pertaining to the company, including the mission statement, values, and organizational goals. Companies frequently explain their business philosophy and value system as well as their approach to customer service.
Reading and fully comprehending the nuances about the company will enable you – the applicant – to discern if the company is a good match for you, regardless of specific position.
Important Note: In addition to reading the companies’ website and other materials, it is also important to research the company. If you have questions about their philosophy or mission statement, take the time to research. Being educated about the company at-large benefits the applicant in a number of ways, from appearing dedicated and conscientious to creating clarity in personal and professional goals. Some ideas for places and ways to research a company are as follows:
Type the name of the company/organization in Google
Create a LinkedIn profile and search for the company name.
Network and communicate with peers, family members, and instructors regarding your interest in this company and determine if others have information on the company.
Search for and read company reviews on sites like Google, Yahoo, and Yelp.

In Session 4 you will go online to SEEK and locate a Job Ad and Position Description.
Screen shot it and send to your trainer in preparation for the Afternoon phone call.
Then answer all questions relating to the ad in Session 4

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