Considering the possibility of relocating to Matakana Road

Please complete this survey by Monday 17 June 2024.

Question Title

* 1. Do you support the proposal?

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* 2. What do you like about the proposal?

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* 3. What concerns you about the proposal?

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* 4. What questions do you have?

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* 5. What time, treasure or talent do you feel able to pledge?
(eg Should the proposal proceed, are you able to contribute to the new parish:
- time & talent (e.g. skills or experience in volunteering for the new parish church to help with a transition or ongoing ministry? E.g. gardening, visiting the sick etc)
- treasure (e.g. a financial pledge to assist with fit out of the new church))

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* 6. Your name and contact details

You can email your feedback to share your ideas on this printed feedback form or complete an online response at Both the paper and electronic form invite you to share your name so that we can be sure that the voice of parishioners is heard.

Please join us for:

- the site visit at 11am on Monday 3 June and

- the Parish Forum on Tuesday 11 June, at 7 pm

Thank you for completing this survey. After consideration of the feedback received the parish will make a recommendation to Bishop Steve on 20 June. We anticipate a decision to be advised late June.