The second edition of the Leoni Township Master Plan is currently under development by the Planning Commission. An important part of the planning process is to collect the opinions, wants, and needs of the people who live, work, own property, and/or own businesses in Leoni Township. Accordingly, the Planning Commission is conducting this survey to gather opinions on the facilities and services it provides as well as potential Township policies. Please take a few minutes to complete this survey so that together, we can secure Leoni Township’s future. All responses will be kept confidential. Additional comments regarding any of the survey questions may be added at the end of the survey. Please provide your response by August 4, 2019, and only submit one survey per person. If you have any questions regarding the survey, please contact Grant Bauman at (517) 768-6711. Thank you for your cooperation and assistance. Your opinion matters!

Question Title

* 1. Development and Growth Issues
What is your opinion of the following (please check the appropriate response):

  Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree No Opinion
Unique natural features (e.g., woodlands, flood zones, wetlands, etc.) should be protected
Farmland should be preserved
The rural character of Leoni Township should be preserved
Additional industrial development should be encouraged
I am satisfied with the mix of businesses in Michigan Center
I am satisfied with the mix of businesses in the DDA along Ann Arbor Road
More commercial development should be encouraged
Further residential development should be encouraged
Alternatives to single-family housing and apartment complexes (e.g., duplexes, 3-plexes and
4-plexes, townhouses, work/live, etc.) should be encouraged
I would support further development of water and/or sewer service, improving water quality
in the Township
I would support the development of water trails along the Grand River, the Portage River, and
the Chain of Lakes
A water trail is a dedicated paddling route for kayakers and canoeists, including sites for putting in/taking out the watercraft.
I would support the continued establishment of licensed medical marihuana facilities
I would support the establishment of licensed recreational marihuana facilities
I would support a millage to maintain public roads and streets in the Township