* 1. What best describes your current housing arrangement?

* 2. Which Housing Programs would you like to see further developed?
Check all you would like to see developed

* 3. Please select which circumstances community members should still be able to access the MCK Housing Loan Program:
Check all that apply

* 4. What are your future plans regarding housing?

* 5. How would you characterize your knowledge of Kahnawà:ke Housing Programs and Services?

* 6. Have you ever applied to access MCK Housing Programs and Services?

* 7. Are you currently on a waiting list to access Housing Programs or Services?

* 8. How would you rate your past and current experiences in applying for and accessing housing programs and services in Kahnawà:ke?

* 9. Are you Kahnawa'kehró:non?

* 10. Gender

* 11. Age

* 12. What is your annual family income?

* 13. Do you currently have minor children living with you?