Thank you for your participation in our eleventh annual Workforce Solutions Manager Survey!

If you have management responsibility for your employer's contingent workforce and/or have oversight of workforce solutions providers (such as VMS, MSP or RPO), AND ARE NOT A SUPPLIER OF STAFFING OR WORKFORCE SOLUTIONS then we invite you to participate in this study.

As a thank you for completing the survey (please allow 15 minutes), you will receive instant download access to two proprietary research reports, AND receive summary statistics on the results of this study within 1-2 months after the survey close.

All individual responses are kept confidential and only summary statistics appear in our final report. The deadline for this survey is Friday, June 21st. You may navigate freely forward and backward through the survey, and even change your answers after "submitting" the survey, up until the survey deadline. Please direct any questions to Tony Gregoire, Research Director, at
Definitions of industry terms used in this survey can be found here:

Question Title

* 1. Do you have responsibilities (e.g. setting strategy/policy, authorizing spend, selecting or managing suppliers, managing contingent workers, overseeing a talent acquisition program) for any of the following?

12% of survey complete.