Prepare to job search

 How to find a job
You’re more likely to find the perfect job if you’re clear on the direction you want to take your career in.

Connect with your networks
Many people assume to network you need to attend special industry events, and meet and engage with new people. While this can often be the case, networking can also be as easy as getting the word out to your existing networks – friends, family, past employers and colleagues, and contacts on online professional networks – to let them know you’re in the market for a new career opportunity.

Prepare and practice
The process of applying and interviewing for jobs requires a lot of preparation and practice. Make sure you follow up every sent resume with a phone call or email requesting a job interview. Once you’ve secured an interview, find out more about the industry, role and company and make a checklist of all the reasons you’d be great for the position.

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* 1. Revisit your career plan and write a paragraph about your career of choice and what attributes you have that compliment this career.

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* 2. Maximise your online search
People find jobs online today more than anywhere else. Social Media, Job Search websites, Newspapers can all be used to locate your next job.
Write a paragraph about your on line search experiences to date : this can include the positive and negative experiences for discussion with the group in Session 3.

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* 3. Register with recruiters
If you need further help finding jobs, it’s often worth getting in touch with recruiters who specialise in your industry of interest. Most recruiters have a registration process which usually entails an interview, presenting your resume and/or portfolio of work and filling out your details for their database.

Explain what help you have had from agencies to date.  Has this been successful for you and if not provide some feedback on what you believe would help you in your jobsearch?


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* 4. What are some methods you have previously used in your job search?

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* 5. Google SEEK and research at least 3 positions of interest and write down title of role, what is the role entail, employer name, how to make contact and what is required to submit an application.

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* 6. What other methods of research can you use to find a particular occupation?

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* 7. Who can you speak to for guidance on job searching?

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* 8. Activity 1 : Networking

Refer to youtube “How to get a job through your family or friends”. 

At home draw a circle with your name

Draw a second circle around this and put the names of your family, friends and people you know in this circle

Draw a third circle and put the names of people they know in this circle.

How many of these people work in industries that interest you.

We will discuss this in Session 3.

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* 9. Student Details