5-minute / 5-question Survey Request

The City has approximately $1,500 per year through 2021 to be used within the City Limits along Lake Street or Red Arrow Highway. Please help us plan the best use for this money by taking this brief survey. Thank you in advance for your input!

* 1. What is your interest within the City of Bridgman?

* 2. Please rank the following list of potential projects:

  Great Idea! Top Priority! Good Idea! Add it to the list! Nice to have, down the road. Not necessary.
Programs that encourage improvement of building appearances
Install Park Benches and Bicycle Racks throughout the corridor
Slow traffic by installing raised crosswalks, islands, bump-outs, etc.
String lights across Lake Street
Install decorative banners on light poles
Purchase private property for redevelopment
Reconfigure Red Arrow Highway to create bike lanes
Add murals to exposed building sides on Lake Street
Create additional crosswalks in the City Center
Install Additional Safety Signage - add blinking lights, speed monitors, additional crosswalk/slow-down signs in the City Center
Reconfigure Lake Street to create bike lanes
Change parking pattern on Lake Street

* 3. Prioritize these focus areas from 1-4, with 1 being the top priority:

* 4. How would you be willing to help with projects?

* 5. If you would like survey results or wish to remain engaged in the process, provide your email address.

For questions or additional information, call Calli Berg at 269-465-4413.
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100% of survey complete.