National Nurses Week is a time for individuals, employers, other health care professionals, community leaders, and nurses to recognize the vast contributions and a positive impact of America’s 4 million registered nurses. 

The tagline for this year’s National Nurses Week is 4 Million Reasons to Celebrate -- a nod to nurses’ sheer numbers and an open invitation to #ThankaNurse for enriching our lives and the world we live in. 

We will kick off the celebration by collecting nursing stories using #ThankaNurse. Stories about how a nurse touched your life, about a nurse mentor that inspired you to become the nurse you are today, about your experience as a recipient of nursing care, or any story expressing your gratitude to a nurse.

Everyone is invited to write a story about nurses, even if you are not a nurse. Here is an example of an inspiring nursing story:

As I stood up to walk back to my seat, another passenger said aloud as she began to clap, “Thank God for nurses!”  I smiled and continued to the back of the plane next to my husband. He looked at me and said, “You couldn’t resist, could you?” And he was right.  I’m a nurse all the time. It’s not just my job or career. It’s who I am. We, as nurses don’t just switch off when we clock out. We can’t do it. That’s just what makes us a different breed and that’s what makes us special.

An excerpt from Katelyn Herriot’s winning entry to the 2018 Nurses Week Nursing Story.

During Nurses Week 2019, all stories will be featured in a special edition: “Nurses Week” clinical practice newsletter. Five inspirational stories will be awarded a prize.

Please submit a short story by April 15th, 2019 

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