Preparation is key

Zoom Session- Students to practice telling their answers to the rest of the group

Tips for interview questions

1.       Tell me about yourself
·         Don’t go over your resume bullet by bullet but rather highlight the best parts
·         Be concise
·         Keep it relevant to current and recent experience
·         Show enthusiasm
·         A good opportunity to make an opening impression and demonstrate your presentation skills
·         Put together a 1 minute pitch to prepare for this question
·         Highlight your current role and background, your future ambitions and how you are a perfect math to the company
·         Keep it professional
·         Don’t volunteer personal information
·         Highlight your transferable skills
·         Highlight your achievements
·         Highlight your relevant education and work experience
·         Study the job description and emphasise those skills that relate to that specific job
·         Put your answer in chronological order

2.       What is your greatest weakness?
·         This measures your self-awareness and work ethic
·         It provides you with an opportunity to turn a weakness around
·         Make it work related but not an essential skill or responsibility for the role
·         They need to be things you can improve on and are not a personal trait
·         Within a context or situation rather than on a continued basis
·         Brainstorm a private list of areas for improvement
·         Highlight the weaknesses that only occur in a certain context or situation applied to a professional setting
·         Choose the most appropriate for the position you are going for
·         Try and tell a story as to how it is no longer a problem or how you are willing to overcome it
·         State the weakness, what actions you took to overcome it or are willing to take to overcome it and what the results of that action have been or will be

3.       What are your strengths?
·         Try and choose a strength, core value or skill that matches the job description
·         Demonstrate where you have used your strength in the past using the STAR principal
·         Demonstrate how you could use that strength in the position that you are applying for
·         They are looking to find out if you are a fit for the organisation
·         Consider things that you have done that you are proud of and what key attributes it took for you to achieve that and how you then demonstrate those attributes

4.       Why should we hire you over the other applicants?
·         Look at the job description and identify 3 key requirements of the job
·         List 3 job requirements on a piece of paper
·         Then list behavioural examples of how you have in the past met those requirements
·         Put this into a succinct statement to demonstrate to the other person you are the right person for the position
·         Close your answer strong that highlights you are the right person, the right fit for both the job and the company
·         This is your final impression and ability to really sell yourself
·         Speak confidently and enthusiastically

5.       Do you have any questions for us?
·         Always prepare at least 3 questions for the interviewer
·         Ensure that the questions do not relate to the benefits, leave or anything you could have found in the job description
·         Stay away from personal questions

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