2017-2018 Connecting Kids and Culture Field Experience Report

Educators should complete this form immediately after each field experience. For more information, please see the 2017-18 Connecting Kids and Culture Educator FAQ document or visit connectingkidsandculture.org.

* 2. Lead Educator(s)

* 3. Date of Experience

Date / Time

* 4. Organization that provided experience

* 5. Name of program attended

* 6. Where program was attended

* 7. Give a brief overview of the program attended including how the students were engaged in the program (as audience members, active participants, etc).

* 8. How did this arts or cultural experience relate to classroom learning?

* 9. Would you recommend the program to another educator?

* 10. Participation Numbers attending Field Experience

* 11. Expenses (Enter NA for any fields not used)