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Feedback survey on Phase 1
Information and Communications Standards Initial Recommendations Report

The Standards Development Committee (the Committee) reviewing the Information and Communications Standards under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (the Act) has completed its initial recommendations report and is asking for your feedback. Your feedback will help the Committee draft their final recommendations to the Government of Ontario.

By completing this survey by October 18, 2019, you can help identify ways to remove Information and Communications barriers for people with disabilities in Ontario. While all feedback will be reviewed by the Committee, it may not be adopted in the final recommendations, or if/when after receiving the final recommendations the government amends the Standards.

Two Different Surveys
The Committee’s report is separated into two parts: Phase 1, and Phase 2:
  • Phase 1: The Committee reviewed all requirements in effect for 24 months or longer and voted on 30 initial recommendations related to these requirements.
  • Phase 2: The Committee has developed a proposal, through one recommendation, for a new model to transform and modernize the regulatory approach to accessibility in Ontario.
There are two different surveys available to provide feedback on these two parts. This is the Phase 1 Survey. If you haven’t already, we encourage you to complete the Phase 2 Survey after this one.

Phase 1 Survey Format
These survey questions are based on the thirty (30) initial recommendations in Phase 1, organized into six (6) focus areas from the report. Please note the recommendations in these questions are shortened for the survey, and you can review the Committee’s full recommendations in the complete report. The six (6) focus areas are:
  • Regulation in general or Sections 9-11;
  • Section 12: Accessible formats and communications supports;
  • Section 13: Emergency procedure, plans or public safety information;
  • Section 14: Accessible websites and web content;
  • Sections 15, 16, 17 and 18; Accessible educational material and training and
  • Section 19: Public libraries.

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