The Public Fire Safety Education section of the Office of the Fire Marshal and Emergency Management and The Beer Store have partnered to hold a Fire Safety Day at Beer Stores across Ontario on Saturday, June 15, 2019.

Fire departments across Ontario are invited to attend their local Beer Store on Saturday, June 15, 2019 between 10am and 2pm to promote fire safety with Beer Store customers.  

For those fire departments that do not have a Beer Store in their community, we encourage you to partner with a neighbouring municipality that does have a Beer Store. Fire departments that have more than one Beer Store in their community are welcome to attend as many Beer Stores as resources allow.  

Once fire departments register and provide the location(s) of the Beer Store(s) they will go to, the OFMEM and The Beer Store will ensure the local Beer Stores are aware of and ready for your attendance. 

The OFMEM will provide participating fire departments with artwork for social media cards, a news release template and a public service announcement to help you promote fire safety in the weeks leading up to June 15.

The OFMEM and The Beer Store also are developing posters promoting fire safety that will be displayed in all Beer Store locations. 

Fire departments interested in participating must register by clicking OK below and filling out the registration form. FIRE DEPARTMENTS MUST INCLUDE THE ADDRESS(ES) OF THE BEER STORE LOCATION(S) YOU WOULD LIKE TO ATTEND. IN ADDITION, PLEASE INCLUDE WHETHER AN APPARATUS WILL BE ATTENDING AND THE NUMBER OF FIRE DEPARTMENT PERSONNEL ATTENDING EACH BEER STORE LOCATION. This will allow the OFMEM and The Beer Store to best arrange logistics for the day. The deadline to register for this event is May 10.

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* 1. Please fill in your contact information below if you are interested in participating in the Fire Safety Day at The Beer Store.

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* 2. Insert the address of each Beer Store location you would like to attend.

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* 3. To help plan logistics for the Fire Safety Day, will you be parking a fire truck outside The Beer Store on June 15.

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* 4. To help plan logistics for the day, how many fire department personnel will be attending each Beer Store location?