2018 Color Coach

Stampin' Up! made a document available to print our own Color Coach--perfect for when we need a little color inspiration! (It's available to print on the separate Color Revamp Resources page--on the left sidebar of my blog.) Each of 50 colors available (excludes White, Vanilla and Black) has a card of 3 color combos using the chosen color. I'm offering a service of preparing a finished product of cards (approx 2 3/4" x 3 3/4") on a ring, as shown in the pic.
I'm using this survey to take preorders so I know approximately how many to have made. There is no need to pay now. Please complete this survey to help me plan for you. Thanks!

* 1. There will be a few ways you can get your Color Coach from me....Which is the most probable way you'll choose? This choice does not LOCK you into payment/earning method. (Expected availability is around June 1.)

* 2. In case you're ordering for others, please select how many Color Coaches you'd like to preorder. (Multiple quantities do NOT change the cost of the item. However, if they are being mailed to you, mailing cost would be significantly lower for multiples.)

* 3. Do you have any interest in the additional option of a set of BLANK cards? Each card has the Color Name but the color circles are blank to record your OWN/favorite color combos. Fits on the original Color Coach ring. (Would be an additional $8/no extra shipping--or would require a $100 total order to be free. This option is only being considered right now.)

* 4. Please enter your first and last name (and if I don't already have your contact info, also add your email address please.) I'd like to know for whom I'm taking orders.

* 5. I'm excited to make this tool available to you! I love the Color Coach! If you have any questions or comments, you can let me know here or email me at stephanieflath@gmail.com. Thanks for your time! Have a great day!