Your opinion matters! The Bloomfield Human Services Facility Building Committee (330 Park Avenue) is currently seeking your input on the proposed new building. The committee is requesting a few minutes of your time to complete an 8-question survey.

1. Are you a Bloomfield resident? 

2. What is your age?

3. Which Human Services Departments do you use?

4. Do you believe the current location at 330 Park Avenue is the best one for a Human Services building?

5. As currently designed, the new building will house Leisure Services, Senior Services (Senior Center), and Social & Youth Services. Do you agree with having these 3 departments continue to share a building?

6. Should the town consider spending additional funds for any of the features listed in #7 below?

7. If the answer to #6 is yes, please rank the following, with 1 being most important and 5 being least important

8. Additional Comments