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We want to hear about what it felt like to be in this summer program. Please tell us how you really feel! You can begin by putting your Student ID (lunch number) on the first line. If you need help, please ask an adult.

Question Title

* Student ID: 

Question Title

* What did it feel like in this program?

  Always Usually Rarely Never
Did the adults get to know you and what you are like?
Did the adults help you when you had a problem?
Did the adults ask you how you wanted to do the activities?
Did you learn something new?
Did the activities challenge you to do your best?

Question Title

* How did this program help you?

  Agree a lot Agree a little Disagree a little  Disagree a lot
I learned a lot of new skills that will help me in school.
I liked the projects and activities we did.
I worked on how to talk about my feelings.
I worked on making good choices.
I made friends in the program.

Question Title

* Would you tell a friend that this was a fun program? 

Thank you!

Click “done”  and let an adult know that you have finished.