A Predator Free Dunedin (PFD) is a place where robins nest in your yard, kaka play in the Octagon, and all native birds can thrive. As a nature loving community, also known as the Wildlife Capital of New Zealand, we believe we can get there by 2050 – but we’re going to need your help.
PFD aims to develop and implement a coordinated predator control network to remove stoats, possums and rats from Dunedin and the surrounding landscape. This survey is designed to help us understand what you, the residents of Dunedin, know and feel about three key areas:

  1. Your current interest in, and perspectives on, the impact of predators on the environment and your lifestyle
  2. Your desire to be involved in predator control activities
  3. Your broader values
By filling in this survey, you’re helping us shape how PFD looks and operates as we march on towards our ultimate goal; a Dunedin free from harmful introduced predators.

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