Arlington County wants your input on the future of transportation in the Rosslyn neighborhood.
What is the Core of Rosslyn Study?
In 2015, the County Board adopted the Rosslyn Sector Plan, which included a multimodal transportation vision set forth by the community. In 2017, Arlington County, in partnership with the Rosslyn Business Improvement District (BID), began the Core of Rosslyn study to assess the feasibility and potential impacts of the proposed Sector Plan changes to the transportation network in Rosslyn through year 2030.

What are the goals of the Core of Rosslyn Study?
  • Evaluate multimodal design concepts (Concept 1 then Concept 2)
  • Measure how each concept achieves the Sector Plan goals
  • Engage the public and stakeholders
  • Adopt a 2030 Preferred Alternative concept composed of individual projects that will move through the County’s design process
  • Sequence those projects to create a fluid network transition into 2030
  • Identify improvements that go beyond 2030 to continue realizing the Rosslyn Sector Plan in the future
How has the County involved the community in this study?
  • April 2018 Public Meeting: Review of existing conditions and assumptions  for 2030 redevelopment and infrastructure forecasts
  • October 2018 Public Meeting: Discuss pros and cons of Concept 1: an alternative including all of the infrastructure changes listed in the Sector Plan based on what could be realistically built by 2030
  • March 2019 Public Meeting: Discuss pros and cons of Concept 2: an alternative that incorporates public feedback and lessons learned from Concept 1.
How can you help?
Arlington wants your input on Concept 2: How does it address community goals? Please review the meeting materials and share your thoughts.
Members of the community may provide feedback at the public meeting on March 13 or online from March 14 to April 3.

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