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Building a community is more than just about engagement, there is also wellbeing, inclusion, and the ability to take part in meaningful work that impacts the business. It’s about motivation and inspiration, while still finding ways to adapt to a workplace that can be challenging, especially in a world where things change more often then they stay the same.

Of course, the organizational and business performance impact of taking care of employees must be understood. There is ROI for wellbeing as there should be for all HR programs, because what is good for the workforce must be good for the organization and this must be proven before and during any wellbeing program.

If organizations are looking to create a more people-centric approach to their workforce, they need to personalize their approach to employee wellbeing. If they do that strategically then they will create something more than a workplace; they will create a community.

This survey will examine how to build a workplace community. The research will uncover best practices on: 
·       How to assess the business value of wellbeing efforts
·       How organizations are best dealing with the unique challenges of the modern workforce
·       How to motivate and inspire employees regardless of employee type (e.g. remote, contingent, FTE)

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