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 Tips on Body Language at a job interview

The clock starts now
You’re always being sized up by everyone during a job interview. The evaluation starts the instant you step into the office. Project confidence by keeping your head up and shoulders back. When introduced offer a firm handshake and look people in the eye.

Maintain eye contact
Always maintain eye contact when speaking. This says you’re confident, prepared and engaged in the conversation. If you’re speaking to more than one person, glance quickly around the room and return to the person who asked the question. Don’t stare at anyone unless you’re a mad Russian priest named Rasputin.

Sit in a relaxed manner, but don’t slouch or appear slovenly. Everyone knows what’s on the line during an interview, and a relaxed manner suggests confidence. But don’t kick back, because that undercuts your stated interest in the job opportunity.

Point your body
Face the interviewer directly and point your knees and feet in his direction. This suggests that you’re alert, focused and interested in what’s being said.

Fidgeting is death
Don’t play with your hair, bite your nails, wiggle your feet or endlessly click a ballpoint pen. Fidgeting suggests a lack of confidence and focus. Turn off your mobile phone, because you don’t want it ringing during the interview.

An engaging gesture
Pressing your fingers together to form a steeple suggests attentiveness and thought. But be careful not to overdo it or steeple your fingers at an inappropriate time. Doing so might suggest, “you’re no match for my demonic talents and burning ambition, interviewer slug, and I’ll soon have your job.”

Too breezy and relaxed
Tipping your chair back suggests that you’re over confident and perhaps disdainful of the interviewer. Instead lean forward at key points of the interview to show that you’re eager and engaged. But don’t overdo it. Leaning forward throughout the interview may suggest that you’re the lean, hungry type, ready to devour anyone who gets in your way.

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