Workforce Management (WFM) has transitioned from a monitoring-and-measuring concern to a direct driver of employee engagement and productivity, with time management, scheduling and absence management increasingly automated, leaving more time for long-term planning around larger, company-wide objectives.

WFM technology has played a part in this, with artificial intelligence, machine learning and other forms of automation creating a WFM experience that is different for both administrators and employees than anything that came before. What this means for how organizations treat WFM is still very much up in the air.

Although the trend likely will likely continue in making WFM a more strategic component of HR, the 2021 Workforce Management Benchmarking survey is focused on what actions organization have taken during massive changes in their workforce arrangements. These questions and others will be answered in the 2021 WFM Benchmarking survey for different types of organizations:

  • Are smaller organizations able to implement automated time and labor management? If not, what technology is helping different-size organizations manage larger remote workforces?
  • Are top-performing organizations changing how they treat these new remote workers?
  • Do differing policies and procedures in workforce management point toward successful approaches for the future or is the current situation merely an outlier?

The survey will take 12-13 minutes to complete. To show our appreciation for your time, those who complete the survey and provide their email will receive:
  • A $5 Amazon gift card (first 100 respondents)
  • Summary results of the survey after results of the research are analyzed.
  • Immediate download access to Brandon Hall Group's Workforce Management Technology Self-Assessment tool.
Your survey responses will remain completely confidential and your name will not be given to any external parties. Your information will only be used for aggregate research purposes, or to deliver survey results, research asset and gift card (if you are eligible.)

Thanks in advance for your help with this research project,

Cliff Stevenson
Principal Analyst, Workforce Management and Talent Acquisition
Brandon Hall Group