Thank you for sharing your comments regarding parking & circulation at Point Defiance Park

* 1. How do you typically travel to Point Defiance Park?

* 2. Have you used public transportation to get to or from Point Defiance Park?

* 3. Would you use public transportation to destinations in Point Defiance Park if it were provided?

* 4. What would motivate you to use public transportation to the park?

* 5. Would you use a park-wide shuttle system if it were an option?

* 6. Would you support the idea of centralized parking structure and shuttle within Point Defiance Park?

* 7. Would you support a pay-for-parking system within Point Defiance Park?

* 8. What is the top transportation challenge affecting your experience at Point Defiance Park?

* 9. Did you attend the Open House on Feb. 10?

* 10. If you answered yes on question 9, how did you hear about the Open House? (mark all that apply)

* 11. Additional Comments

* 12. Zip Code