We are pleased to invite you to participate in our tenth survey to predict the likelihood of various court related scenarios occurring within the next ten years.  There are seven background questions and 16 scenarios.  We have mixed new scenarios in with those from previous surveys so we can track changes in the group's probability assessment over time.

As in the past, we ask you to assess the likelihood of each scenario actually occurring within the next ten years, not whether or not you would like the scenario to occur.  If a scenario was run in a previous survey, please assess the likelihood ten years from this year, not from the date of the previous survey. Use the following scale to estimate what you think is the probability of each scenario occurring:

1 - HIGHLY LIKELY: Very high probability the scenario will occur within the next ten years.  It may already be occurring in some courts.

2 - LIKELY: Reasonably likely that the scenario will occur

3 - MAYBE: 50 - 50 chance that the scenario will occur

4 - UNLIKELY: More than likely the scenario will not occur

5 - IMPROBABLE: Highly unlikely the scenario will occur 

If you do not wish to assess the probability of a given scenario, just check NO ANSWER.

Thank you again for your help. 

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* 2. Court or Organization for Which You Work
If your working title is "student," please enter your school. If you are retired, please enter the last court or organization for which you worked.

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* 3. Working  Job Title
We are analyzing responses by functional group (e.g., executive, supervisor, technology, probation, etc.)  If you are retired, enter "Retired" and the working title of your last position.

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* 4. Email Address
We will email the survey results to you at this email address.

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* 5. Country or State Where You Live
If you live in the United States, enter your two letter state code.  If you live in another country enter the name of that country.

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* 6. Your Age Cohort
Into what age cohort were you born?

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* 7. Years Worked in the Justice System
How long have you worked in the justice system?