Complete the survey below to find out how ready you are to start a SparkPoint Center. This assessment is divided into 6 sections: Buy-In, Funding, Partnerships, Services, Space, and Staffing. Readiness in these key areas lays a strong foundation for planning and launching a center. Responses to the set of questions in each section determine the following readiness levels for that area: Ready, Almost Ready, and Not Ready. If your readiness level is Almost Ready or Not Ready, you will be given an action plan with suggestions and ideas on how to build readiness. After completing the assessment, you will be given an overall rating with the accumulated action plans from each section.

While this assessment could be used as a diagnostic tool to see and track progress toward readiness, it could also be used to spark dialogue among institutional leadership and departments for building consensus and buy-in for a new SparkPoint center. We’ve found that in order to encourage conversation and group problem solving towards readiness, it’s best to discuss this readiness assessment as a group, rather than having individuals fill it out on their own.