Thank you for taking the time to respond to our survey!

* 1. Goodwill staff helps me with what I need.

* 2. I felt comfortable working with Goodwill staff.

* 3. The services I received at Goodwill helped me reach my goals.

* 4. My complaints, suggestions, or ideas were taken seriously by Goodwill staff.

* 5. Goodwill staff treated me with respect and compassion.

* 6. Goodwill staff responded to my questions or concerns quickly.

* 7. I would recommend Goodwill services to other people.

* 8. (SUPPORT SERVICES ONLY) I am satisfied with the quality of food I am given at Goodwill.

* 9. I am satisfied with the services I received from Goodwill.

* 10. I was involved in the following programs:

* 11. As a result of the services I received, my life is:

* 12. Please share additional comments below

* 13. Please list any barriers to services at Goodwill of the Great Plains that you feel may need to be addressed?