What is this survey for?

Since publishing the agenda in early 2017, there have been many developments across the Australian economy, as well as within the Spatial industry itself. This survey aims to understand who is engaging with the 2026Agenda, what progress has been made on the Agenda initiatives, and what changes might be made to ensure the Agenda stays relevant, up to date and ambitious.

About the 2026Agenda

The 2026 Spatial Industry Transformation and Growth Agenda (2026Agenda) is a whole-of-sector initiative encompassing businesses, government, academia and spatial-user organisations, that emerges as a transformational opportunity for the spatial sector to jointly design its best future. 

The 2026Agenda started in July 2016, and has since engaged more than 400 individuals directly - including individual interviews with spatial leaders, co-designed Leadership Forums in all Australian capital cities, and an outside sector consultation involving key representatives of priority sectors such as agriculture, health, transport or energy, amongst others. The 2026Agenda is a rolling agenda that will evolve and change with time, in order to accommodate the evolving priorities and challenges of the spatial sector. 

All documents published so far for the 2026Agenda can be found at https://2026agenda.com/resources/

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* 1. What type of organisation do you work for?

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* 2. Have you been involved in creating or implementing the 2026Agenda? If so, what has your involvement been?

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* 3. Do you think the 2026Agenda has made a meaningful contribution to the spatial industry in Australia?

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* 4. Why do you think this?

2026Agenda Vision

The 2026Agenda set out a vision for the industry which was relevant and highly supported at the time of release, this vision is:

Australia will excel in the development of location-related technologies, services and skills that deliver value to businesses and communities.

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* 5. Is still vision still relevant to the Australian Spatial industry?

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* 6. How would you improve this vision?

Key Pillars Of The Transformation
To structure the 34 initiatives within the 2026Agenda Action Plan, 6 pillars for transformation were used as a framework. These pillars are outlined below.

The rest of this survey will focus on receiving feedback and generating new ideas for these 6 pillars.

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* 7. Do you want to provide feedback on Pillar A. Public Infrastructure and Analytics?