This is the examination for the Senior Transportation Planner classification. This examination requires respondents to answer 17 self-rating questions and should take approximately 35 minutes to complete.  The examination answers cannot be saved for completion at a later time, therefore, the examination MUST be completed in one session.  Please ensure you have at least 35 minutes to complete this process before beginning.

This examination consists of completing an online Training and Experience evaluation and an STD678 State Application.

The STD.678 is required to be uploaded prior to proceeding with the Supplemental Application Questionnaire.  The STD.678 must be in a PDF format to be uploaded. Click here for the link to the (STD.678) form if you do not already have one available to submit.

Examinations are processed on a monthly basis. The final monthly submission date is on the last day of each month by 11:59 pm. Pacific Standard Time (PST).  The Training and Experience evaluation and the STD678 must both be completed and submitted by the time and date mentioned above to be processed. To submit any work completed hit the 'CONFIRM RESULTS' button before the monthly submission date or your examination will not be considered until the next month.

Candidates will be notified of their scores approximately 4-6 weeks after cut-off date.

Please contact the exam analyst if you have questions regarding this Training and Experience Evaluation.

Reference Verification:

Your responses are subject to verification before appointment to a position. You may also wish to have a list of your professional and educational references available; this information will be useful when completing the examination. References may be contacted to confirm that you have paid or unpaid experience pertaining to the duties and requirements listed in this examination.  Examination responses that contain inaccurate time frames/level of experience may be removed from the total point value of your examination.
You must certify that the information provided by you (without assistance from others) in this online examination is true and complete to the best of your knowledge.  You also understand that if it is discovered that you have made any false representations, or received assistance from others, you will be removed from the examination process, removed from the eligible list resulting from the examination, and may not be allowed to compete in future examinations for State employment. 

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