JUTE Theatre School  - Enrolment Form (17yo & under)

Applications JUTE Theatre School are now open.
If you are excited about the idea of developing your acting, stage craft and ensemble work then JUTE Theatre School will provide you with the development of your creative capacity and deepen your understanding of acting as a professional practice. You will need a sense of play, imagination, intelligence and a passion for theatre. A level of disciplined and commitment to the training is expected from all students.

All groups are a maximum of 12 students.
Class Groups:
9yo to 12yo: 3.45pm to 4.45pm (1hr)
13yo to 17yo: 5.00pm to 6.30pm (1.5hrs)

What does it cost?:
  • 9yo to 12yo: AnnuaI fee $640 (save $80!) OR term-by-term fee $180.
  • 10yo to 17yo: Annual fee $720 (save $80!) OR term-term fee $200.

Term 1, 2018 Dates:
  • Start: 7th Feb 2018
  • Finish: 28 Mar 2018
  • Day: Wednesday
  • Length: 8 week program

Term 2, 2018 Dates:
  • Start: 09 May 2018
  • Finish: 27 Jun 2018
  • Day: Wednesday
  • Length: 8 week program

Term 3, 2018 Dates:
  • Start:   1 Aug 2018
  • Finish: 19 Sep 2018
  • Day: Wednesday
  • Length: 8 week program

Term 4, 2018 Dates:
  • Start: 24 Oct 2018
  • Finish: 12 Dec 2018
  • Day: Wednesday
  • Length: 8 week program
Application Checklist:
  • Complete the online Enrolment form (below)
  • Read through the Consent Guidelines to ensure you agree to all the program conditions
  • Pay course fees on Trybooking by following link from webpage - www.jute.com.au

* 1. Students First Name:

* 2. Students Last Name:

* 3. Student DOB:

* 4. Gender:

* 5. Student Email Address: (if applicable)

* 6. Does the student identify as any of the following:

* 7. Guardians First Name:

* 8. Guardians Last Name:

* 9. Guardians relationship to student: e.g. mother

* 10. Would you like to receive email newsletters from JUTE?

* 11. Guardian Home Address:

* 12. Guardians Postal Address:

* 13. Guardian Telephone Numbers & Email Address:
N.b. - all correspondence will be sent to the Guardian

* 14. Emergency Contact person details:

* 15. Does the student have any pre-existing medical condition/s that the facilitator should be aware of in case of emergency?

* 16. Please select the students age group:

* 17. I would like to enrol my student in:

* 18. CONSENT: I give permission for my child [named above] to participate in JUTE Theatre School [JTS]. I understand that if my child does not follow instructions properly or is acting in ignorance of an instruction or direction given to them by the JTS workshop tutor, I (the parent or guardian) will not hold JUTE Theatre Company Pty Ltd and/or its directors liable for any loss or damage incurred by my child.

* 19. MEDIA CONSENT: I give permission for JUTE Theatre Company to use images/video or testimonies of my child [named above] from the workshop for promotional purposes only.

  1. Fees are non-refundable.
  2. Cancellation or non-completion during the enroled term will still incur the full fee unless otherwise specified.
  3. A discount to the term fee will not be granted due to failure to attend all the classes within the enroled term.
  4. Payment is required upon of this enrolment form enrolment via Trybooking transaction (see www.jute.com.au).
  5. Your receipt will be emailed to you from Trybooking once your payment is approved.
  6. Please notify us if you are running late or unable to attend the day by calling the office on 4050 9444.
  7. Please arrive 5mins prior to the workshop starting.
  8. If participants are not picked up within 20 minutes of the program finishing, they will be charged $40 an hour, or part there of, to cover facilitators time.
  9. Students are required to behave appropriately in the program or they will be informed to leave the program and parents informed immediately of the preceding incident. If your child is disruptive (more than twice), we reserve the right to review their enrolment.
  10. If you would like to organise a payment plan for your child's participation, please contact JUTE on 4050 9444.
  11. Participants are asked to wear comfortable black clothing and to bring along a water bottle.

I have read and understood the terms & conditions of the booking & agree to abide by them.

* 21. Please tell us why you would like to train at the JUTE Theatre School.
(Max 300 words)

* 22. Please tell us what experience (if any) you have had in acting and/or theatre making?
(Max 300 words)

Thank you for your time in completing the the JUTE Theatre School (JTS) enrolment form. We will be in contact soon to confirm the enrolment and advise you on any further details.