2018 Preschool Parent Survey

The South-Western City School District is continually striving for educational excellence. Please take a few minutes to complete this survey to help us improve our preschool programs. All responses are confidential. Your name and contact information are optional at the end of the survey.

* 1. Environment - I was comfortable with the location of the program my child attended.

* 2. Environment - I felt that the program created a safe environment for my child.

* 3. Environment - The program had a plan for helping new children feel comfortable by either a parent meeting, phone call, or home visit.

* 4. Environment - The environment was child-friendly and well-organized.

* 5. Communication - The staff demonstrated care and concern for my child.

* 6. Communication - the staff established and maintained regular, ongoing, two-way communication.

* 7. Communication - If a situation occurred, I felt comfortable discussing this with staff so they could help my child.

* 8. Communication - I feel that information was provided to me in my native language.

* 9. Program - I was satisfied with the program that was offered to help my child reach his/her goals.

* 10. Program - I feel that the staff was knowledgeable and willing to help my child with developmentally appropriate practices.

* 11. Program - I would recommend this preschool program to friends, relatives, or other students and parents.

* 12. Program - I think teachers and parents work together to decide how to best help the child develop and learn, or to talk about problems that may arise.

* 13. Program - I was informed of program changes and given adequate notice of scheduled events.

* 14. Parent Involvement - I was satisfied with my child's performance at preschool this school year.

* 15. Parent Involvement - I felt comfortable talking with the staff about successes or problems my child was having in the program.

* 16. Parent Involvement - I felt I was given opportunities to get actively involved in and support my child's program.

* 17. Please share any additional comments or information you would like us to know about your experience in your child's program.

* 18. Please list any suggested areas for improvement.

* 19. Name (First and Last) - Optional

* 20. Child's Name (Optional)

* 21. E-mail Address (Optional)