Overview and eligibility

Thank you for applying for the Northparkes Community Investment Program.

IMPORTANT: At the end of this form you will have the opportunity to upload supporting documentation such as quotes, flyers or supporting letters. If you have any questions about this application please call 02 6861 3556 or email npm.externalrelations@au.cmoc.com.

Northparkes Mines sponsors projects that create community benefit within the Parkes and Forbes Shires in the areas of:

• Economic Development
• Culture and recreation
• Education and Youth
• Environment
• Health

Northparkes assesses all applications according to:

• The availability of funds
• Value created for the community
• Value created for Northparkes
• Sustainability of the project

Please be aware that if your application is successful, up to ten weeks may pass before you are paid.

• It will take approximately one month after the due date to assess all applications
• Successful applicants will be required to sign their sponsorship letter and return it to Northparkes.
• Sponsorship will be paid to successful organisations within 30 days of Northparkes receiving their sponsorship letters.

Question Title

* 1. To make sure that Northparkes is the best source of funding for your community organisation, please answer the following questions.

If you answer no to all questions, your project is eligible to apply for funding from Northparkes. If you are not sure what to answer, ring call 02 6861 3556 to talk more about your project.

Are you applying for money to:

  Yes No
Benefit an individual?
Fund a religious or political activity, event or appeal?
Fund a recurring organisational expense?
Fund private business activities?
Fund an event where there will be gambling?
Pay off debt?