About us

North Queensland Women’s Legal Service (NQWLS) is a non-profit, specialist community legal centre. Since 1996, NQWLS has provided free legal services to women living in the area south from Sarina, west to Mount Isa and north to the Torres Strait.  NQWLS aims to provide a holistic approach to legal problems by focusing not only on legal advice, but also providing referrals to appropriate community and government organisations, offering community education programs, providing advocacy and helping to resolve legal problems in a range of ways.

NQWLS wants to provide a high quality, professional, reliable and confidential service to all women in a way which is both sensitive to their needs and situation, and realistic in terms of the extent of the service it can provide, given its limited resources.

Please check the response that best describes your experience of dealing with NQWLS.  Please feel free to provide additional comments in the spaces provided.  This survey is confidential and does not affect, in any way, the services available to you.