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Thank  you for participating in Cutter Consortium's confidential survey on how organizations are adopting agile practices enterprise-wide to achieve business agility, the challenges they are encountering, and the positive impacts they can measure. We seek to identify important trends, keys to success, and pitfalls to avoid.

Please be assured that all answers will be kept confidential. We appreciate your input because it allows us to separate fact from hype. You can see the results in upcoming Cutter Consortium research. Plus, if you supply us with your email address, we'll use it to send you a coupon good for $50 (U.S.) in the Cutter Consortium Bookstore.

To enrich the findings, we would like to conduct short interviews with a subset of the respondents. Comments will be kept anonymous, identified by title and industry only. Respondents who complete the interview process receive a coupon for an additional $100 (U.S.) in the Cutter Consortium Bookstore. 

Again, many thanks for your input!

Please be assured that all answers will be kept confidential.

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* 1. Depending on the size of your company, you may want to respond to the questions in this survey for the whole enterprise or for a specific division. To which of the following will your answers apply?