A public opinion survey

The new government has made a commitment to provide early intervention services for people experiencing the first signs and symptoms of a mental health or substance use problem.  This commitment aligns with the central tenet of CMHA BC's b4stage4 campaign that advocates for addressing mental illness and problem substance use earlier as a means of reducing the progression and severity of symptoms and improving quality of life.

The government has promised to put people at the centre of their decision-making. Your responses to this short survey can help decision-makers understand and consider what members of the public see as important areas of focus in the months ahead.

The survey should take less than 5 minutes to complete.

*Please note that your written responses may be used anonymously in CMHA BC publications. 

* In what region of British Columbia do you live?

* Where should screening and early intervention for people experiencing the first symptoms of a mental health or substance use problems take place? (e.g., screening for symptoms of depression, anxiety, OCD, substance misuse, etc.)

Please prioritize the following locations, ranking the highest priority option as 1. 

* Which populations are a priority for mental health promotion and substance use prevention?

Please select THREE populations that should be prioritized.

* Please prioritize the following early intervention strategies for people experiencing the first symptoms of a mental health or substance use problem.

* Do you have other ideas for early intervention strategies? 

* Within the last five years, if you or a family member have experienced a mental health and/or substance use problem that resulted in an emergency department visit, hospitalization or crisis situation:

a. Please tell us what were the most helpful services you received

* b. Please tell us what services you didn't receive but feel would have been helpful to prevent the escalation of symptoms and difficulties

* Would you like to receive email updates about the b4stage4 campaign?

If yes, please provide your email address.