November 2017

Member Feedback helps the Co-op Staff and Board of Advisors make decisions.  Please tell us what you think!  Thank you!

* 1. Please rank in order the grocery categories you would most like the Co-op to feature, with "1" being most important to you.  Don't worry--you don't have to rank every category :-)

* 2. The Co-op currently requires Working Members to commit to 1-3.75 hour shift per month.  If you are currently a Non-Working (Supporting) Member, would you be more likely to become a Working Member if the schedule were different?

* 3. As a working member, what is your preferred schedule?

* 4. The Co-op's Board of Advisors has vacancies!  Can you help us?

* 5. If you would like, please let us know who you are and the best way to contact you.  This question is optional.

* 6. Please include any additional thoughts and comments here.