Fourth World Conference on Congenital Disorders of Glycosylation (CDG) for Families and Professionals

The CDG road: from diagnosis to therapies

26th - 27th July 2019

A conference initiated and organized by the Portuguese Association for CDG (APCDG), and made possible by the World CDG families and professionals Community.

All participating MUST submit a registration form so that conference credentials can be prepared for you.

DEADLINE EXTENSION: All registrations must be received before 10th of June, 2019.

All information provided with this form will be treated confidentially.

Cancellation policy/Refunds (deadline: 31st May 2019)

All cancellations will be charged: 25 € cancellation fee. To be refunded send a written notification by email until 31st May 2019. No refunds will be issued for requests received after the cancellation deadline. Registrations received during the deadline extension period ARE NOT refundable.

Feel free to contact the organizing committee (APCDG, Portugal) to

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Please indicate which days would you be attending.

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Friday 26 th July (1st day of Conference)
Saturday 27 th July (2nd day of Conference)

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* 3. Please list ALL FAMILY MEMBERS attending the conference, kinship and age (e.g. 3 participants: Kate Smith - Mom, 37 years-old; John Smith - Dad, 38 years-old; Josh Smith - 3 years-old):

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The activity room has a capacity for 60 children/adults. There will be a social program, but children/adults must be registered at the conference in order to attend the activity room. We are preparing activities and once we have finished the program we will inform you.

Please also note, that volunteers ARE NOT responsible for helping with toilet visits, medication, feeding and/or other specific care needs that your child/adult might have.

Parents ARE RESPONSIBLE for feeding, toilet visits and other specific care needs.

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* 8. How many children/adults will be using the activity room?