1. Introduction

Through this anonymous survey, UN Women wants to explore the current corporate landscape when it comes to the provision of family-friendly care-giving policies and childcare services offered by businesses to employees.

This survey also aims to understand how employers are willing to contribute to the provision of affordable and qualitative childcare services for their employees.

Recognizing, reducing and equally redistributing unpaid care work, especially ‘early education and childcare’ can benefit individual companies through increased employee retention, productivity, and brand reputation.

This survey will take 10 minutes and will help create sustainable solutions to provide qualitative and affordable childcare services for your employees. 

Please note that the survey should reflect the perspective of one country (where you are currently based and operating in). If your company operates in multiple countries, you may fill in a new survey for another country.

The aggregated results of this survey will be integrated into a wider ‘Asia-Pacific Care-Services Landscape’ analysis. More importantly, the results will directly be shared with a group of talented entrepreneurs and businesses that are working to improve their current innovative childcare solutions to improve their services for businesses and organizations that want to offer flexible childcare services.

The results will be also shared with governments and regulators, who have a big opportunity to provide, subsidize and ensure the quality of childcare services.

This initiative is part of the WeEmpowerAsia (WEA) programme. WEA is a collaborative effort between the Regional Office of UN Women for Asia and the Pacific (ROAP) and the European Union (EU), which is funding the action under its Partnership Instrument. The overall objective of the WEA programme is that more women lead, participate and have access to enhanced business opportunities and leadership within the private sector to advance sustainable and inclusive growth.
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