* 1. Please check all choices that describe you.

* 2. How frequently are you in Old Town?

* 3. What is the primary purpose that brings you to Old Town?

* 4. Which mode of transportation (Walk/Bike/Drive/Transit) do you most often use for trips in Old Town? (Please select all that apply)

  Drive Walk Bike Bus
Live There
Errands, Shop, or Dine 
Business or Work
Goleta Valley Community Center

* 5. What are your primary concerns when traveling on Hollister Avenue? (Select Top 3 Concerns)

* 6. How would you rate the amenities along Hollister Avenue?

  Excellent Good Fair Poor
Vehicle lanes
Bicycle area and bicycle facilities
Sidewalks and pedestrian facilities
Street Lighting
Bus stop facilities (shelters, benches, timetables, etc.)

* 7. Which are the top two locations along Hollister Avenue you would like to see improvements? Please also specify the type of improvements you would like to see.

* 8. Which are the top two destinations along Hollister Avenue you would like to access by walking, biking, or bus, but currently cannot do due to lack of facilities?

* 9. If sidewalks, bike lanes, and bus stop improvements were made to Hollister Avenue, how likely is it that you would choose the following rather than drive?

  Very Likely Somewhat Likely Not Likely

* 10. Is finding parking a problem on Hollister Avenue?

* 11. Based on your experience, what are the most difficult times to find a parking space along Hollister Avenue?

  Weekdays (Monday - Thursday) Weekday (Friday) Weekend (Saturday - Sunday)
8 AM - 11 AM
11 AM - 1 PM
1 PM - 6 PM
6 PM - 9 PM

* 12. How far are you willing to walk if parking is not available on Hollister Avenue?

* 13. What is your age group? 

* 14. What gender do you identify with? 

* 15. Want to stay informed about this project? Please provide your contact info. (optional)

* 16. Would you like to receive text updates on the project?