The Livestock Welfare Engagement Project is an initiative where Alberta Farm Animal Care is collaborating with Alberta's livestock sector to evaluate our industry's experiences, perceptions, and priorities related to animal welfare. A report of our findings will be shared with the provincial government to support a deeper understanding of livestock welfare opportunities, challenges, strengths, and weaknesses in the province. Your feedback to this survey is a vital part of building that report and will be followed by regional focus groups.
Your participation in this survey is voluntary. All of your responses will be kept confidential and your identity will not be shared. This means that any identifiable information will be removed before analysis and will not be included in the final report. Completion of this survey will indicate your consent to participate and have your answers summarized in the final report.
  • Please answer each question as best you can. 
  • A follow-up component of this project, regional focus groups, will be conducted in the fall. Please enter your contact information if you wish to participate. 
  • Thank you for taking the time to partake in this survey and adding your voice to this project.