1. Creating Avatar and Product

Organized planning is part of the Think and Grow Rich Experience; thank you in advance for helping us build towards the 2012 MKMMA Launch

We'll being doing 'mini-launches' over the next year to refine a system that we've defined already. Your input is of great value and when we launch intellectual or informational products, you will always have the option [at not charge] to participate in the proift.

We learn by experience and helping you build lists and giving you the option to monitize [without distraction from your MLM biz], our informational products is a small protion of our thank you.

davene J

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* 1. We've taught skills throughout the class ~ personal and professional skills. Of all the Network Marketing Skills, which do you feel was most important to you?

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* 2. The evaluation of our communications you received both prior to attending and during the course.

  Strongly Agree Agree Agree Somewhat Disagree Strongly Disagree N/A
The videos prior to attending course were informative and timely.
The instructions you received (both written and verbal) on how to complete the tasks you were asked to perform were clear.
The objectives, as described on the videos, were met.
Participating in this course was a productive and valuable use of your time.
Participating in this experience increased your understanding of the MKMMA product we'll be marketing together.
Your overall experience during this course was outstanding.

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* 3. Learning from you what networkers really want who are getting started and/or have been in a while but not really growing.

  Strongly Agree Mostly Agree Agree Somewhat Disagree Strongly Disagree
How to bring up the business, they just don't know how
How to present, they don't bring it up because they can't explain it
How to close prospects who have viewed information
Leadership skills
How to design a day...they are excited but don't have a clue about how to start a day, week or monthly plan
How to get others to understand what they are offering
Upline support

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* 4. Help us understand the 'avatar' of networkers; meaning, what is the person who joins really looking for, what do they really want.
You'll need to answer each one and, on this question, we're using 'forced ranking'.....meaning you'll be able to use each answer only once....there's a comment box below to expand your thoughts.

  Strongly Agree Agree Agree Somewhat Disagree Strongly Disagree
Recognition, new life experience, appreciated
Get out of debt, reduce stress
Better life style
Get out of rut

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* 5. They've joined. What would help them the most ....the least

Again, this is a 'forced ranking' set up, room to comment at bottom

  Strongly Agree Agree Agree Somewhat Disagree Strongly Disagree
Up Front Contracts to save time
Ice Breakering Fire-lighters - how to bring it up
Presenting Skills
How to Set up the week
Listening Skills

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* 6. What do people really want who join? What really, past the 'time-money' standard answer do they really want.....and a few other questions to help us create an 'avatar'

This is NOT a forced ranking question....and please feel free to add more in the text box below

  strongly Agree agree agree Somewhat disagree
Most are married
It's money, not sure what they want it for but its money
Life, the chance to have a different life....Threau was right, most people live lives of quiet desperation and working from home give them hope
Fear about money is why they join...really they may say they want more but it is really the lack that makes them join
Most have never had any real or big success in their mind and want that
It's mostly couples that join
Mostly women
biggest fear is failure
biggest fear is not enough time to do the business while running a life
biggest fear is how to talk to people effectively
Biggest hidden desire - want to succeed
Biggest hidden desire - want recognition of family
Biggest hidden desire - want recognition of industry [company, peers, etc]
Biggest hidden desire - after failing at some of these things, they want to make it...proving something to somebody is as important as the money.

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* 7. Here is your chance to tell us more: