Shortly about TWIW
TWIW is a research project aiming to provide a two-week snapshot description of the burden of bacterial pathogens across the globe. We wish to identify which bacterial pathogens are causing disease in different places, and we wish to analyse their antimicrobial resistance genes and their virulence profiles. TWIW is also part of our ongoing proof of concept, that by creating a framework allowing for global and mutually beneficial collaboration around sample acquisition and shared ownership of data, we can gain vital insight regarding global pathogens, as a research community.

Who we are
We are the Research Group for Genomic Epidemiology, National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark. You can read more here:

Purpose of this sign up survey
The purpose of this survey is to get an overview of countries, provinces and patient groups represented by interested partners.

We aim to identify partners in at least 30 countries, representing all of the WHO regions. We aim to acquire samples from at least 2 units in each country. Every unit will sample for two weeks, or until they have 60 samples for dispatch to Denmark.
Who can register as a partner
Partners will consist of diagnostic units, or people/facilities with access to a diagnostic unit, receiving patient samples for diagnosis of potential bacterial infections. The samples acquired for TWIW will consist of bacterial isolates stemming from diagnostic samples that the unit is processing as part of its diagnostic function.
Requirements from partners
As a partner, you are responsible for:
·      Acquiring and dispatching the necessary samples for TWIW
·      Transferring the necessary metadata
·      Adhering to national laws and regulations regarding patient data, patient rights and potentially gathering their consent if national laws require you to do so.
·      Making sure that the patients remain completely anonymous to us, upon transfer of metadata and samples.
Requirements from project owner (DTU)
As project owner, we are responsible for:
·      Providing partners with the protocols and material necessary for sample acquisition and dispatch
·      Shipping account information for payment of shipping
·      Sample handling and analysis in Denmark
·      Ongoing communication regarding project status and sharing of output
Financial compensation
We will not financially compensate partners for their participation in TWIW, this includes employee time spent on the acquisition of samples. We will finance material necessary for sampling as well as shipping of samples. We will of course also finance all of the sequencing and analysis efforts taking place in our facilities. Alternatively, partners can choose to process and sequence the samples in-country if preferred. If in-country processing and sequencing is chosen, it will be at the expense of the partner. 

Question Title

* 1. With the above introduction to the project, as well as the terms of collaboration, please confirm that you are interested in participating in TWIW, in capacity as a partner.

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