Rice Creek North Regional Trail Corridor Concept Master Plan Survey

Ramsey County Parks & Recreation is working to amend the 2013 Rice Creek North Regional Trail Master Plan. The county launched a public engagement process in June 2018 to develop an updated master plan for the trail. The master plan process will study possible development opportunities and boundary adjustments.

Project Goals
  • Examine the entire Rice Creek North Trail Corridor for future recreational development or programming opportunities.
  • Provide universally accessible facilities in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  • Use sustainable design elements in building and site design that are energy and water efficient and provide enhanced storm water management.
  • Facilitate public involvement in the conceptual design and master planning process.
Three concepts with a variety of amenities and development improvements have been created with the input of public engagement.  The purpose is to show options throughout the corridor while still seeking public input to address the needs and demands placed on the site.  The county wants to know what options and level of development you desire to incorporate into the final development concept

Thank you for participating in this Ramsey County survey. Your feedback is important.  Concept maps are included in the survey but to see enlarged maps for ease of viewing please download them here:
Concept Maps