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Register to participate in the LBG Summer Calicivirus RHDV1-K5 Release Program. 

Do you have a rabbit problem on your property?
We will once again facilitate a Calicivirus RHDV1-K5 (K5) Release Program with participating landholders across our operational area over the summer season.
We will commence this program in mid-January 2024 with targeted releases through April 2024. 

Registration is required.   Please click on "OK" below to provide your details for registration.  We will contact you with updates regarding participation guidance, pre-feed and release dates and more as the program progresses.  

The involved Calicivirus RHDV1-K5 ONLY AFFECTS RABBITS.  It is 100% safe to household pets and wildlife. A vaccination is available for pet rabbits from your local vet.

Please complete the below form to register. We also urge you to talk to your neighbours about rabbit control and encourage them to register for the K5 Rabbit Control Program.  This virus is most effective when released at multiple sites, so chat to your neighbours and get them involved.

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* 1. Please provide your contact information to register for the program

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* 2. What is the estimated rabbit population on your property?

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* 3. Do you have questions?  Please let us know below or contact us on 0488 991 352.

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