Invitation for Event Participant Feedback - 2012 World/Regional Championships

Congratulations on your participation in the recent WFDF Ultimate and Guts Championships, WFDF World Junior Ultimate Championships or European Under 17 Ultimate Championships. We hope that the event was a memorable experience for you and that you will wish to participate in a world or regional flying disc event in the future.

To ensure the continued growth and improvement of world and regional Ultimate events, WFDF and our 2012 event hosts seek your feedback on the event in which you recently participated.

Please select below the name of the event for which you would like to provide responses. If you participated in more than one event, we ask that you complete a different survey for each event.

Thank you for giving your time to this survey.

We estimate the survey will take approximately 15 minutes to complete if you provide short comments. We welcome your feedback on how long it actually takes you to complete.

Question Title

* Please select the name of the event attended (If respondent participated in more than one event please complete a survey for each event).

10% of survey complete.