Welcome to the Tesco Workers Together Survey 2018

Your feedback as a Mandate member working in Tesco is vitally important. The purpose of this survey is to help inform your Union and national negotiating team regarding your main issues and concerns.  All information that you provide will be treated as strictly private and confidential.   The deadline for completion of the survey is Friday 2nd of March 2018. 

* 1. Your details

* 5. Which point of the pay scale are you currently on (excluding night worker premium or team leader adjustment)?

* 6. Do you support pursuing a claim for pay equality in Tesco i.e. moving all staff to the highest Tesco pay scale?  (Highest pay scale has top point of €15.19

* 8. Would you like to move to a higher hours band?

* 9. According to the 2006 Agreement additional hours are meant to be offered to existing staff in the first instance.  Is this happening in your store?

* 10. The 2006 Agreement also states that vacancies will be advertised internally within the company in the first instance. Is this being complied with in your store?

* 11. How much notice do you receive of your roster ?

* 12. Please rank the following items in order of your priority?   1 = highest;  6 = lowest

* 13. Are there any other issues or concerns you would like to raise?  Please state below.

* 14. One of the Tesco's stated core values is to "Treat people how we like to be treated" Do Tesco uphold this value in the workplace?

* 15. Do you value your Mandate membership?

* 16. Do you believe it is important for your employer to fully engage (meet with) on both individual and collective issues when requested to do so by your Union?

* 17. Do you know who your local shop steward or house committee representatives are?

* 18. MANDATE shop stewards, house committees and other active members play a central part in your Union in Tesco. Training and support is provided to anyone who takes up these important roles. Would you be interested in taking up a more active role within the Union in your store?