Your Opinion Matters

We would like to know how you feel about the care you are receiving at Community Health Center of Cape Cod. Your opinion is important because it helps us better serve you. Please indicate the degree to which you agree with each of the statements by checking a box. Your responses are confidential.

Please note, at the end of this survey, you will have the opportunity to include additional comments.  It may take a few weeks before we review and respond to these surveys.  If you have any urgent comments about the quality of care you received at the Health Center, or need an issue addressed immediately, please call 508-477-7090 ext. 1128 or email  This way, we will be able to respond to your question or comment in a timely manner.    

Thank you for your help! 

* 1. I feel welcome and supported.

* 2. The staff treats me in a friendly and professional manner.

* 3. The staff is helpful in explaining my responsibilities as a patient of the Health Center.

* 4. The staff respects my culture and beliefs.

* 5. My healthcare team spends an adequate amount of time with me.

* 6. My healthcare team explains things to me in a way that is easy for me to understand.

* 7. My healthcare team encourages me to ask questions and express my concerns.

* 8. My questions are addressed and answered to my satisfaction.

* 9. My opinions and decisions are respected by my healthcare team.

* 10. My healthcare team gives me choices and options for my treatment.

* 11. As a result of my visit, I have the information and support I need to reach my healthcare goals.

* 12. Concerns about my visit are addressed in a timely manner.

* 13. I am able to get an appointment when I need it.

* 14. The Health Center is accessible and comfortable.

* 15. If needed, referrals to other specialists and for tests are scheduled in a timely manner.

* 16. Overall, I am satisfied with the services I receive.

* 17. I would refer others to Community Health Center of Cape Cod.