Purpose of the Advanced Lions Leadership Institute (ALLI)  Leo-Lion Scholarship

Advanced Lions Leaderships Institutes provide in-person training opportunities to enhance the development of leadership skills to support zone, region and district-level positions.

The purpose of the Advanced Lions Leadership Institute (ALLI) Leo-Lion Scholarship is to reduce the financial barriers faced by Leo-Lions seeking training through the provision of reimbursable funds.

Applicant Qualifications

  1. Each applicant must be a Leo-Lion who has completed a successful term as a Leo club president, multiple district or district Leo chairperson, Leo multiple district or district president or a Lions club president, who has not yet attained the position of first vice district governor.
  2. Lion members who are currently serving as club presidents will be considered on a space-available basis.
  3. Applicants must be prepared to attend all required classroom sessions and scheduled meals.
  4. ALLI attendees must be capable of understanding and participating in the language of instruction at their institute.
  5. Leo-Lions must submit this scholarship application by the same deadline date stated on the Advanced Lions Leadership Institute application for consideration of a scholarship award. This does not guarantee participation in any ALLI program.
  6. Applicants must also submit an Advanced Lions Leadership Institute application by the stated application due date. Check the Lions Clubs International website for the 2022-2023 ALLI schedule.
  7. Leo-Lion scholarship applicants who have not served as Lions club presidents will still qualify for consideration to the institute based on their successful reported service as Leo club presidents or Leo club program multiple or district leaders.


Leo-Lion scholarship recipients are expected to fulfill all expectations of the Advanced Lions Leadership program in addition to the expectations of the scholarship program.

Application Due Date

Submission of this scholarship application must be completed by the same due date stated on the Advanced Lions Leadership application.

The Advanced Lion Leadership applications must be submitted separately to institutes@lionsclubs.org. If email submission is not an option, submit via fax to 630-706-9010.

Upon submission of this scholarship application, senders will receive an automatic reply that will serve as a receipt of the application.

Selection Process

All ALLI scholarship applicants will be notified of selection status via the email address provided on this application form no more than three weeks after the Advanced Lions Leadership Institute application due date.