Please read prior to applying to be a GEM Mentor

1. This application is for mentors applying to be a GEM mentor for the 2020-21 cohort, starting in September 2020. If you are interested in applying to GEM as a mentee, you can find your application here. 

2. Applying and interviewing with GEM does not guarantee you a spot in the upcoming cohort. Girls E-Mentorship has a comprehensive matching and screening process. Although you may be accepted into the program,  you are not guaranteed to be matched with a mentee. Mentor and mentee matching is based on current cohort capacity and mentee matching criteria, including mentee career aspirations, needs, hobbies, interests and residential location. 

3.  If you have mentored with GEM or have applied to mentor with GEM before, please email us for the next steps. 

Please see here for more details on the GEM mentor application process.